Aktivate for Schools

This page includes information for school athletic staff that use Akitvate (formerly known as RMA). Schools are required to create and manage the official NIAA rosters in Aktivate, as well as, manage student registrations including transfers.

How-To Manuals and Guides for Schools:

Academic Championships


"Out-of-State" Questionnaire

Registrations / Transfers

Removing a Registration from the Transfer System

Teams / Rosters

Transfer History Notes


Click Here to watch a Aktivate Video Tutorial (2/10/21) for athletic staff.


Tips for Aktivate:

  • Do not use your phone and/or tablet; Akitvate is not compatible. 
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox (on your desktop/laptop).  Akitvate is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • Aktivate will only upload ".pdf" or ".jpg" files; any other file type will upload as a blank page.