NIAA Student-Athletes of the Year awards program


The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA, the non-profit governing body of high school athletics in the Silver State) will award individual scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to the top 10 student-athletes (five boys / five girls) in Northern Nevada and the top 10 student-athletes (five boys / five girls) in Southern Nevada. In order to be nominated for this NIAA Top 10 award program, students must be:

1) a senior graduating on his/her appropriate career schedule and
2) a varsity-level athlete in at least one of the NIAA’s sanctioned sports.

Special consideration will be given by the selection committee to those student-athletes who,

a) maintained a high level of academic status compared to fellow graduating seniors within the school,
b) lettered in multiple sports and achieved a level of success during their high school athletic career,
c) participated in other school-based activities / programs / departments,
d) contributed in an outstanding manner to the community through service projects, public commitments, etc., and
e) exhibited high personal standards (i.e. honesty, integrity, etc.) in all manners.

In essence, the applicant must have served, throughout the duration of his/her high school career, as a positive role model for his/her fellow students. Please click on the headline-link above to access the nomination form / application packet, due FRIDAY, APRIL 7.


Just what or who is a Top Ten Student-Athlete of the Year?

The Top Ten Student-Athletes of the Year award is given to not just the top high school athletes in the Silver State but rather to those student-athletes who exemplify total school and community involvement. Special consideration in the selection process is given to student-athletes who participated in multiple sports, other school and student government activities, and community service projects while at the same time maintained a high academic status within their school.

"This is an outstanding award which recognizes student-athletes who exemplify what high school activities and athletics are all about," says Donnie Nelson, Executive Director of the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association. "While the requirements sound restrictive, we know these student-athletes exist as evident by the group of individuals selected this year. It is our goal through the Top Ten program to find and honor these superb individuals."

All candidates must be seniors. The general categories include scholastic achievement (class rank, non-weighted grade point average, number of semesters on the honor roll, number of honors classes taken, and ACT and SAT scores), overall sports participation (number of varsity sports, number of varsity letters, and individual and team achievements), other contributions (school and church activities, and community service accomplishments), an essay, and letters of recommendation. The Top Ten Student-Athletes of the Year in both Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada are selected by a panel of judges.

The Top Ten Student-Athletes of the Year award banquets began in 1996.