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Welcome to the FORMS PAGE on the NIAA website. Hopefully this page offers improved ways to fill out and submit NIAA required forms. Depending on your computer hardware capabilities and installed software programs, these forms, which are offered in various formats, should make your job easier.

The first column is a PDF form (PDF FF) that can be filled out online and either submitted by e-mail or saved, printed and faxed. Some forms are not offered in this format.  The Adobe Reader software is a free download.

Again, many who have updated (Adobe) software may be able to utilize these "FF" forms. Others, with more antiquated computers and software, may only be able to fill out the form and print it and then fax it to the NIAA. Regardless, being able to type directly on the PDF FF form should make those forms easier to complete.

Other formats for each form include the standard PDF file, Word document file and if applicable, a .xls (excel) file for rule book orders and coaching compliance rosters among others. 

ALL SUBMITTED FORMS MUST BE TYPED!!  Although any form requiring a signature will have to be printed out and signed before being submitted to the NIAA office.

FORM NAME        
Most Commonly Used Forms        
NEW Physical Form (Introduction Letter)
  Click Here    
Interim Health Participation - Form E   Click Here    
Roster Certification (Form C) Click Here      
2023-2024 Membership Renewal Application Click Here      
2023-2024 Activity Card Order Form Click Here   Click Here  
2023-2024 Rule Book Order Form       Click Here
2023-2024 Information Deadlines   Click Here    
2023-2024 Hall of Fame Game Application (NEW) Click Here   Click Here  
Top 10 Student-Athlete of the Year Application Click Here      
NASC Membership Application   Click Here    
State Academic Championship Information
Academic State Championship - To be completed in >     Aktivate (formerly RMA)  
Fall 2023 Season Information   Click Here    
Winter 2023-2024 Season Information   Click Here    
Spring 2024 Season Information   Click Here    
Spirit FALL Academic State Form 2023 Click Here      
Spirit WINTER Academic State Form 2023-2024 Click Here      
Leadership Academic State Form 2023-2024 Click Here      
Other Forms (in alphabetical order)  PDF FF PDF WORD XLS
2023-2024 All-Star Game Sanctioning Form Click Here Click Here  Click Here  
Athletic Eligibility Roster Form - To be completed in >     Aktivate (formerly RMA)  
Citizenship Through Sports (CTS) Manual        
CTS - Assessment Form   Click Here Click Here  
Concussion Management - AB455   Click Here    
Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy        
Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Offense Clearance Forms Click Here      
Foreign Exchange - CSIET Approved Program List Click Here      
Golf - Spectator Waiver Form   Click Here    
Hall of Fame Nominee Application Form Click Here      
Hall of Fame Ticket Order Form Click Here      
Hall of Fame Ticket Order Form - For Inductees Click Here      
Libero Tracking Sheet (Volleyball)   Click Here    
Lifetime Pass Application Form Click Here      
LRG License Agreement   Click Here    
NASC Membership Application   Click Here    
NFHS Sanctioning   Click Here    
Record Book - NSHSRB Application   Click Here    
Pole Vault Waiver Form   Click Here    
Private School (Compliance) Click Here      
Private School (Tuition) Click Here      
Private School (Home School Declaration) Click Here      


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