Register My Athlete for Parents

Register My Athlete (RMA) is the website used by Nevada for student-athletes to register for the their prospective sports; for coaches/schools to create the official team rosters; and for schools to submit their Academic State Team Championship rosters. A parent and/or guardian needs to create one account for their household; then add the student-athlete(s); then select/register for sports. If your student-athlete will be changing schools, the transfer/hardship appeal will be submitted via RMA.


Click Here for the Parent Manual (Haga clic aquí para el manual en español). This is a guide to help parents/guardians navigate the site.

-If you are having a technical issue (i.e. troubling navigating the site, a file will not upload, an e-signature is not accepted, or the page is displaying wrong, etc.) please contact RMA Support, 435-213-1601.

-If you have a non-techical question (i.e. question about how to answer a question posed in RMA, what type of document you need to submit, or why you are being asked for certain documents, etc.) please contact your school athletic staff. 

You can review the regulations regarding student eligibility here.  


Tips for RMA:

  • Do not use your phone and/or tablet; RMA is not compatible. 
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox (on your desktop/laptop).  RMA is not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • RMA will only upload ".pdf" or ".jpg" files; any other file type will upload as a blank page.